Dropbox keeps pace with passwords, folder backups, and family plans

On Tuesday, Dropbox announced new features that help the service catch up with Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, which already offer some of these features. Did you know that Dropbox doesn’t have an automatic folder backup function from your PC to the cloud? Password storage? A secure vault for important documents, or a family package? … Read more

Lenovo launches the ThinkPad with the High-octane Super Performance Mode

Lenovo announced the third generation of its 15-inch ThinkPad X1 Extreme laptops on Wednesday morning, boasting a 10th Gen Intel Core CPU, upgraded graphics, and brighter screen options. The ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 3 leads Lenovo’s new range of mobile workstations, built on Intel’s “H” series of processors. Lenovo announced the 15-inch ThinkPad P15 and … Read more

Apple decided to fight the famous application developer Basecamp before WWDC

During a week of leaks, spy scenes and excitement that led to WWDC, Apple instead caught attention for all the wrong reasons, being called “gangster” and “mafioso” after Threats to one of the most famous developers. It all starts with an email client. On Monday, Basecamp released a “strong introduction to email”. as Hey, a … Read more

The Full Nerd ep. 142: AMD Ryzen XT CPU, rumors about Nvidia RTX coprocessor, PS5 design

In this episode of The Full Nerd, Gordon Ung, Brad Chacos, Alaina Yee, and Adam Patrick Murray Let’s dive into the new AMD processors, what’s next for Nvidia (possibly), and the PlayStation 5’s ugly looks. We’re starting to explain what’s new about AMD’s newly revealed Ryzen XT processors – they’re a bit faster than their … Read more