Trend Micro Maximum Security Rating: An excellent security suite, but security features need an overhaul

The best antivirus solution is the one that is as simple as possible. After all, if the user is unable to navigate the application to take advantage of its features, much of the program’s usefulness will be lost. Trend Micro’s maximum security reinforces this principle with some of the easiest navigation we’ve seen.

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The default dashboard is very simple. There’s a big one To scan the circle in the middle changes color based on the PC’s state. Clicking on the circle initiates a quick scan, while clicking the down arrow to the right offers a quick, full, and custom scan selection.

trendmicroscreen1 IDG

Main dashboard for Trend Micro Maximum Security.

Above that circle are four basic categories of app security: Device, Private, Dataand family.

Devices tab

The Device tab includes settings for Trend Micro’s real-time web scanning and filtering. There’s also a PC Health Checker option to help optimize system performance. If you use this feature, the app will rate your current optimization level and let you choose to “make improvements”. These tweaks include fixing vulnerabilities to regain disk space.

Next in this section of the app is Mute Mode, which is a really great feature in terms of the typical gaming mode feature. By default, Mute Mode activates when the PC goes full screen. However, you can disable this feature if you want to activate it manually.

trendmicromutemode IDG

Maximum Security Mute Mode.

While running, Mute Mode will stop “unimportant” messages from interrupting you; It can also disable Windows Update and automatically terminate programs. There’s also a setting to turn off Mute Mode after a specified amount of time.

Mute mode is great for gamers who want to turn off their backup program or other applications when it’s time to play.

Privacy tab

The Private The tab has features designed to keep sensitive data from leaving your PC, though a few are less useful. The Privacy Scanner option is supposed to automatically scan social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to optimize your privacy settings. It should also scan your web browsers to make sure they are as private as possible. However, in our tests we only saw options to do this with Internet Explorer, which wasn’t a pretty interface in the age of Windows 10. Chrome’s support was limited to a non-existent toolbar instead of an add-on. This feature should be removed or reworked significantly.

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