Best TV antennas for wire cutters 2021: Buying reviews and advice

Subscriptions to cable and satellite TV are becoming more and more expensive, so more and more families are abandoning pay television to switch to free, over-the-air broadcasting. Digital TV typically offers between 20 and 60 channels depending on where you live and can save you at least $ 1,000 a year, based on a typical pay TV subscription.

People who do are often surprised by the higher picture quality they get from broadcast TV. That’s because cable and satellite services compress the video signal to reduce the bandwidth required to stream to your home, all so they can cram more channels you might never watch.

So cut that cable, remove that disc and join more and more American households free monthly bill for TV service.

Updated on June 16, 2020 To add our Channel Master Smartenna + review, this one works well enough to win the runner-up title in the category of amplified indoor TV antennas. As noted earlier, we have also updated How did we test of this article to reflect that the author has moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Washington DC metro area and is currently conducting all TV antenna reviews from her new home.

Installing an antenna is easy, but before you buy an antenna, you need to find out what channels are available where you live, how strong the signal is and which direction they come from. Check out TechHive’s antenna selection guide to find out all that.

As a general rule, indoor antennas are suitable for areas with strong or very strong signals, attic / outdoor antennas work in areas with medium signal strength, and antennas outdoors in weak signal areas.

Once you have determined your needs, this article will help you buy antennas. But before you watch the results, watch this video that explains how to determine which free TV channels you can get where you live.

Best indoor TV antenna

If you live close enough to broadcast towers for the stations you want to watch, a cheaper non-amplified antenna like the Channel Master Flatenna might be all you need to cut the wire. At the time of this review we found that Channel Master itself is offering the best price for this antenna: $ 10 (plus $ 7.50 for shipping).

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