5 things to expect from the revamped Google Home smart speaker

After four years in operation, the original Google Home was finally pulled out of Google’s smart speaker lineup and now there is news that a likely successor is coming. What can we see in a refurbished Google Home or whatever Google calls it? We already have some ideas.

The Google Home smart speaker, first launched in 2016, has been listed as “unavailable” on the Google Store for weeks, and a Google representative recently confirmed to TechHive that the original Google smart speaker was actually discontinued. If you still want to buy a Google Home, you can buy one on Best Buy for $ 30Strong, down from its original $ 129 price tag.

Meanwhile, one The source told 9to5Google that a successor to the Google Home is in the works, although other than its codename— “Prince” – details about the refurbished speaker are scarce.

However, between what 9to5Google’s source has revealed and what we’ve seen in the latest smart speakers, we can make some educated guesses about what the Google Home 2 will look like and what’s inside.

Goodbye “Home”, hello “Nest”

First of all, you can be sure that the new Google Home will remove the “Home” mark. Starting with Google Nest Hub Max in May last year, Google named “Nest” for all of its latest smart speakers and displays (Google Home Hub since 2018 has been renamed Google Nest Hub) and it is certain that the successor to Google Home will follow the same model.

So … what exactly will the new Google Home be called? Google Nest? Eh, doubt it, and while Google Nest Prince sounds great, the whole “Prince” is still another Silicon Valley codename, so that seems unlikely to happen either. Google Nest One? That sounds too much like the Sonos One, a company’s Google Assistant-powered premium speaker is currently suing Google (and which one Google immediately sued). Speaking of Sonos One, though …

Better sound

9to5Google’s gossip claims that the new speaker will “not show up” and “look similar to the Sonos One.” Well, if the new Google Home does have a “similar circuit” to the Sonos One, then its sound will definitely be better.

To be fair, the original Google Home was not inferior when it comes to audio, and in our 2016 review we said the speaker’s 2-inch driver and dual 2-inch radiators could ” Fill a single room with perfect sound. ”

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