Steam Summer Game Festival brings E3 to your home with lots of free game demos

We watched the press conferences. Anyway, some of them. PC Gaming Show, Guerrilla Collective, Sony’s PlayStation 5 revealed, it has been a busy week for Fake E3 2020. Now it’s time for demos. The third Steam Game Festival iteration will kick off today with … I don’t know, maybe 100 games? Than? And all of them are tested for free from now until 22/6.

I’m struggling to come up with a figure for it as this is the biggest Steam Games Festival to date. For the first time, coinciding with the Game Awards in December of last year, there were about a dozen games. Second, replacing GDC, touting 40 – but still mostly indie game.

But this, Summer Game Festival on Steam, is the meat away. Sure, there are still plenty of (great) indie games to demo, including Inkle’s latest project Pendragon, mysterious panda noir Backbone, one SkateBIRD say again, Stronghold: Lord, and some of my favorite trailers this week like Roki, Havenand Ghostrunner.

However, for the first time ever, Valve has one of the major publishers as well. It’s a small-large publisher and has even more presence – but hey, it’s a start. The demo includes THQ Nordic for both Desperados III (also coming out today) and coming soon Destroy all human beings! rework, while under the Deep Silver label you’ll find alternative historical strategy games Harvest iron also.

It does not replace E3. With no proper live event this summer, I hope Valve can bring Ubisoft, Bethesda, EA, or even Microsoft into the Summer Games Festival. Obviously we’re still not at that point yet – whether because the developers are too worried about letting the demos go wild or simply because they didn’t plan it early enough this year, I do not know.

However, that is enough game to keep you busy for the whole week and then there are some games. Valve has also arranged live broadcasts and interviews with the developers, so if there’s a game you’re particularly interested in, take a look. schedule. And have happy. Demos are very rare these days. Take this opportunity to download and try something you never buy at risk often. Maybe you will love.

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