How to play Minecraft Mobile for new players: A complete guide

Minecraft Mobile is a very popular game nowadays. Lots of people play this game for fun after hours of stressful work/study.

However, not everyone knows how to play Minecraft Mobile and all its features. This article will show you some basic ways to play in Survival Mode for new players.

But first, you need to download Minecraft Mobile here:

After entering the game, choose the Survival Mode, name the world, etc. and follow the steps below to play well in this game mode.

Create a new world in Minecraft Mobile

1. Collect woods

This is the first thing you have to do after entering the new world.

To collect a wood block, tap and hold the finger on the block until it breaks. Pick up the fallen wood block and repeat this process.

Tap and hold to collect wood

You should collect as many wood blocks as possible because they are essential materials to craft many necessary things later.

2. Craft a Crafting Table

Once you have collected some amount of wood, craft a Crafting Table. You need it to craft many other things, so it is very important. 

You need 4 planks to craft a Crafting Table in Minecraft Mobile

You need 4 planks to craft a crafting table.

3. Craft tools for survival in Minecraft Mobile

Once you have a crafting table, it is time to craft the below tools for survival:

  • Ax: Used to cut trees faster. How fast or slow the chopping depends on the material of the ax. To craft an ax, you need 2 wooden sticks and 2 resource blocks (wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond).

Craft a wooden axe

  • Pickaxe: Used to mine stone, iron, gold, diamond, etc. Similar to the ax, the mining speed and durability depend on the material. You need 2 wooden sticks and 3 resource blocks to craft a pickaxe.

Craft a wooden pickaxe

Remember when mining ores, use a stone pickaxe to mine iron, use an iron pickaxe to mine gold, diamond, etc.

    • Sword: Used to attack mods. You need 1 wooden stick and 2 resource blocks to craft a sword. The strength of a sword depends on the material used to craft it.

Craft a wooden sword

4. Find and mine coal

Coal is an extremely important burning material. You should mine coal as soon as possible.

The most effective way to collect coal: Dig into the ground 3 blocks, then digging wide. Or you can find a cave, dive deep inside to find coal.

5. Find a shelter

When night comes, monsters will appear and attack you. For that reason, you have to find a place to shelter. There are 2 ways:

1. Build a house in Minecraft Mobile

This is a temporary house in Minecraft Mobile

Used collected blocks to build a temporary house. Remember, you have to build at least 3 blocks high so monsters can not attack you.

2. Dig a hole or find a cave

If you do not have time to build a house, the best way is to find a cave or dig a hole. And stay here until dawn.

You should place a torch or a campfire at the entrance because monsters scare light.

6. How to find food in Minecraft Mobile

Food restores health. For beginners, you should look for food that easy to find, such as apples, beef, chicken, etc. 

Or you can find a village, there is a lot of food there.

Use swords to kill mods for food. The mods that can be eaten are pig, cow, chicken, fish, sheep, etc.

Use swords to kill mods

You are qualified now

Once you finish all the things above, I believe that you are pretty good at playing Minecraft Mobile.

Now you can build a solid house to fight mods better. 

Hope that this article is useful to you. If you are interested in Minecraft Mobile now, you can download it here:

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