Money in Excel imports your live banking data into a spreadsheet

Microsoft has started rolling out “Money in Excel”, a one-stop dashboard in Microsoft Excel for viewing your daily finances, including your banking and credit card transactions. Microsoft announced Money in Excel in April as part of a broader rollout of consumer attitudes toward Microsoft Teams, as well as renaming the overall Office 365 branding to … Read more

Microsoft Teams for Education prepares for fall with 7×7 speaker grids, deeper analysis

COVID-19 has launched an unexpected wave of distance learning into schools. With the pandemic still on, schools are spending the summer planning the fall. Microsoft released its own lesson plan for Teams on Monday, with an expansive library view and more analytics coming in time for the next school year. Some of the new features … Read more

Master Smartenna + channel rating: This TV antenna self-adjusts to pull all possible channels

Have you ever had a pair of “rabbit ears” on TV when you were growing up? If you have done so, you may have to tune them in different ways for different stations. That’s because different frequencies are reflected, amplified, and attenuated by the things in your house in different ways, so getting strong and … Read more

Trend Micro Maximum Security Rating: An excellent security suite, but security features need an overhaul

The best antivirus solution is the one that is as simple as possible. After all, if the user is unable to navigate the application to take advantage of its features, much of the program’s usefulness will be lost. Trend Micro’s maximum security reinforces this principle with some of the easiest navigation we’ve seen. Note: This … Read more